AMUST Disk Cleaner 1.0 for Windows 10


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AMUST Disk Cleaner provides the basic functionality for disk cleaning by quickly identifying the largest files and folders on a hard drive, and displaying the results in a convenient view. In a matter of seconds Disk Cleaner calculates recursive folder size (including all files and sub-folders) for all folders on the entire NTFS drive. It allows drilling down through any particular folder to its subfolders and helps identify space-hungry ones. When a clean-worthy folder has been identified, the tool launches native Windows Explorer against the folder. Than Explorer can be used to do the actual cleaning. Cleaning could mean deleting, moving to DVD or compressing (in rare cases). AMUST Disk Cleaner introduces a unique Instant Disk Access (IDA) technology. IDA provides an unprecedented speed and can scan any size hard drive and determine the size of files and folders as well as other attributes within seconds. The IDA technology is based on proprietary knowledge of Master File Table (MFT) of NTFS volumes.